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Meet the Staff

Jason and Jen Satterwhite

The Owners

Starting the Puryear Custom Pools fresh from college at Texas A&M, Jason & Jen are hands on in the day to day operations of the company.

Jason is the “man with the plan”, trouble shooter extraordinaire and the calm in the storm. Taking the mentality of “your name is as good as your word”, Jason strives for perfection in running the company, the construction and customer service. When he takes a break from work, you can find him hydrofoiling on his Sky Ski at the Brazos River.

Jen is the “team captain”, cheerleader and problem solver. She is responsible for the books and keeping the bills paid. She believes in making things as fair as possible and expects the same fairness in return. She argues for the best of the best and accepts nothing less from the company and its employees. In her spare time, you can find her driving the boat and running their small girls to dance class.

If you are up at the office, make sure to say hello to their two dogs, Ellie the Great Dane and Sophie the Chocolate Lab

Isabel Luna

Builders Assistant

Isabel has been in the pool business for about 19 years. When she’s not helping Kevin and the builders she enjoys being with her six grand children on the weekend.

Glenda Shiro

Permit Coordinator

Being the driving force in the permitting process, Glenda is responsible for making sure your pool gets signed off with all the proper channels. When Friday turns to Saturday, you can find her chillin’ at home with her son.

Regina Tucker


Regina spends most of her off time being a “Nana” to her four grandkids. When she isn’t enjoying time with her grandkids, she enjoys growing ferns, kung fu movies and making sure things are organized at home. Along with organization, she helps Puryear Custom Pools stay on task and is always ready for a challenge.

Brandon Cooper

Pool Designer

Since his beginnings in the Puryear Custom Pools Service Department, Brandon Cooper has become the “Go To” Pool Designer. His experience as a service tech has provided him with a wealth of expertise and can meet all of your pool design needs.

Steve Payton

A self professed Texan for Life, Steve Payton is the walking embodiment of nice. His abilities to listen and relate to our clients make him a great swimming pool designer. When not at work, Steve spends his time being a great father to his son, enjoying the outdoors and watching reruns of Lets Make Deal…why??? We don’t know.

Guy Pinholster

Pool Builder

A pool builder for 20 years, Guy Pinholster brings a wealth of knowledge to our company. When not building swimming pools, Guy loves spending time with his family, fishing and fighting crime in a ridiculously bright costume known as the Neon Rainbow Avenger to keep the streets of Fort Worth safe!

Laura Bosley

Office Manager

A self proclaimed Country Country girl, Laura Bosley is one of our newest team members. Even though she is a new comer to the pool industry, Laura is no stranger to hard work. When not taking care of the books, Laura can be found spending time with her husband, being a proud mom and grandmother and also preparing for the zombie apocalypse…please don’t tell her zombies aren’t real that will just open up a can of worms you don’t wanna mess with!

Tom Dahnke


Tom has worked with Puryear since 2011. He started with us helping customers through the process of building their pool. Now he is one of Puryear’s Swimming Pool designers! When not designing awesome pools you will find him woodworking, hitting the trails with his mountain bike or hanging out with his son.

Tamatha Ulrich

Sales Designer

With 17 years of experience, Tamatha Ulrich “The Sales Princess” joins Puryear Custom Pools as one of the leading Swimming Pool Designers in the Dallas Fort Worth Area.  Her skills as a designer and attention to detail is matched only by a few and is committed to making her client’s Backyard Oasis a reality!

Jason Borish

Service Tech

Jason has been with Puryear since 2009, working in a different roles and is Puryear’s go-to hard worker. When he’s not helping Puryear customers with their pools, he’s at home with his wife and two young daughters, out on the lake, or playing a round of Call of Duty

Austin Holub


Austin is the newest member of our builders.

Steve Drake

Warranty and Renovations

Steve Drake is Puryear Custom Pools renovation and warranty expert. A native Californian, Steve has over 20 years experience in the pool industry. When away from work, you will find Steve Drake baking specialty moon pies, crafting his homemade Belgian Chocolate Milk and following the sport of Curling.

Kevin Terry

General Manager

A talented designer turned super builder, Kevin oversees the new pool construction operation jointly with the builders. When not working Kevin spends much of his time with his wife and two daughters or preparing for his next competitive eating challenge.

Ceila “Red” Sanders

Executive Assistant

As the newest face of Puryear Custom Pools, Ceila “Red” Sanders brings to the office a much needed shot in the arm of enthusiasm. As the first voice you talk to when calling Puryear, Red will take care of you with a smile and make sure you are well taken care of. When not being a valued new team member, Red loves spending time with her son, Tevin and fighting crime on the mean streets of Fort Worth. Don’t go tugging on this woman’s cape, you will likely end up missing a few teeth!

Jay Padilla

Social Media Manager-IT Manager

When not Overseeing the day to day IT operations and Social Media Campaigns of Puryear Custom Pools, Jay can be found spending time with his kids. Jay also devotes any spare time to volunteering and is a Board Member for PLIDA.org

Chris Brabson

Pool Designer

A true “people person” that makes anyone feel comfortable, Chris Brabson’s priority as a Swimming Pool designer is making sure you get the Backyard Oasis of your dreams.

Megan W. Poore


Megan W. Poore is rare find! Detail oriented and always willing to go the extra mile, Megan is a quickly becoming a shining star here at Puryear. When not being the Pool Perfectionist, Megan loves spending times with her kids, her dog and attaining her goal of being a BBQ Sushi Chef…(We know, it doesn’t make sense)

Mitch Chapman

Pool Designer

A native born Texan and Military veteran with a background in construction and design, Mitch enjoys his work and loves helping his clients realize their dream of owning their own backyard oasis. When Mitch is not designing or on the road to meet a client, he loves nothing more than spending time with his family, watching Dancing with the Stars and Glee.

Billy Sullivan

Pool Designer

With 11 years experience, Billy is a great designer who is great at taking your dreams and making them reality. He loves watching sports, a good game of golf, and is ready to challenge you at a game of pool at anytime. A typical weekend includes hanging with his son, and watching ESPN together.

Janey Lopez

Service Administrator

Part of our growing Service department, Janey is the first voice you speak to when calling in for maintenance. Her main duty is scheduling and dispatching our techs to service your pools. In her down time, Janey likes spending quality time with her family and pursuing her hobby…wrestling bears and alligators! We don’t question it because she she has a mean pile driver…would you?

Bill Kramer

“Rest in Peace, Captain Bill”

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